Росица Пенкова Добрева (ross_dob)

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A lingering poetic daze has anchored my pen

amongst a load of empty pages – birds unflown –

white doves, seeking a blessing for the ascension

of the Word into the Spirit. Divine!


The ship of thoughts and feelings

is resting with sails so mindless of the wind.

There is no hurry for the set-off to the Sun,

in spite of knowing – its light is blissful with eternal life.


I don’t make haste and cannot cease to marvel.

I am not sad or frightened –

I just extoll His deed in secret

so glorious and beautiful – even in human death.


The formidable energy of Love transforms

from body into Spirit, from Spirit into body.

And this is not for pain

but only for His glory.


And everything is thought over, arranged so neatly.

And everything is lifting us if we succeed

to see the meaning beyond the transience

оf the body and in the greatness of the Spirit.


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