You know my second name is darkness...

Milen Penkov Penev (ahav)

:   :

You know my second name is darkness
but who can tell the first?
I see the stars among the sparkles
and hug the souls that have been cursed.

I am the passenger that travels
between the real and surreal
and sometimes I can make the marvels
but my own wounds whos gonna heal?

I am the harvester of sorrow
and Im the catcher in the rye,
my heart is given to be borrowed
but when Im heartless  whos my guide?

When I feel lonely, I imagine
that what Im in is just a dream
the world is not grotesque and savage
and not so hopeless as it seems.

But my awakenings are bitter
I put the crow on my right hand
and search this future, where will glitter
my little castles made of sand.

Now I am tired and residing
with less to learn and more to live
please, drop all fears, stay beside me
to find the bliss behind the grief.

Its not so hard and if you feel it
youll break the chains that hold you back
and let me be the silent thriller
that plaits your hair and bites your neck.


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