runic poem

Serenity (skadi)

:   :

Part one
Still was I, silent in icy depths of sleeping fire,
Winter ruled upon, snow in my veins ran.
So there was darkness around me,
my ground Ive lost and found loneliness in my world
- broken puzzle.
Then vision came to me ,
Nightmare blinded my sight,
Salvation saw behind my fears.
Healing myself, savage fire appeared,
Wild life flowed in my silent hearth
Strong was my scream.
At last reborn was I,
In the beginning of time myself found,
Into a forest spring.

Part two
Looked over- my fatherland saw,
Grasped its soil inhand, heard kinsmen advices,
In time returned I and earned forgotten answers.
Deep lake my hearth was then,
Dreamt life though didnt move,
My emotions were drawing landscapes before me.
But opened my mind
I couldnt see, but heart the unseen
Still was I but sensitive and open.
A roaring thunder came from the burning sky,
Deadly flames by the runes were sent
To protect what have gained.
Changing was I, searching power to move ahead.
Taking my first steps in battle was,
Attacked by me rediscovered the warrior
Victory learned I and being defeated.
Never-ending wind came from the yellow fields,
Harvest was it and distant sun my soul warmed,
Rewarded was I.
Good food ate I, gold held inhand,
Peace found in possessions and being one.

Part three
Then natures power came upon me,
Turned me into hurricane,
Screaming and free my soul was,
Greeted nature in me, and honored her.
She sent me guiding light,
Knowledge of the poems received I from this distant fire.
My mind flowed through my hands,
Creator was I,
and what have done enlightened me.
Fine horse came from the light,
And took me on his back,
Enchanted was I by the sights on that ride.
He gave me magic, friendship gave him I,
Gifted we were by our free will.
In time our souls united were,
This mixture of powers fixed the puzzle where was I.
Then raised the sun and bright my day was,
Birdsongs heard,
Greeted was for my clarity of mind,
Nature music in my veins flowed.
Guardian of knowledge,
And by sacred runes guarded am I.
With them and with my good will in the tribe came we,
Sat before them with my companion, hearth-opened,
Understanding gave, hospitality received we.
Thus found life, bright sky upon me,
Spring for my sleeping powers,
Companion in my lonely hours,
Eyes and hearth for my visions,
Peace for my savage soul
And new knowledge every dawn and sunset.

Part four
This learned from runes,
This gave to them.
In poem and in music they color visionary world
Thus found happiness.