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Bukvite Site for New Bulgarian Literarute and Culture

Bukvite Foundation was established in 2004.
The main aims of the foundation are the development, popularization and recognition of the Bulgarian culture, supporting young Bulgarian authors in their way to being published, preserving the Bulgarian literature traditions in the conditions of globalization. The establishment of Bukvite Foundation was a logical continuation of an over 3 year work in the sphere of Bulgarian literature and culture by its founders.

The site for new Bulgarian literature and culture Bukvite was founded at the 24th of May 2001, (http://www.bukvite.com).

At first the site was created to give room for publishing works of both recognized and not so well known authors. The site partly covers the niche opened by the bad economical situation in Bulgaria which highly restricts the opportunities for publishing Bulgarian literature, especially poetry. For the nearly seven years of its existence, the site gave the chance of about 2600 authors to publish over 55,000 works. Daily, it has over 2800 visitors who read between 15 and 20 000 works.

In the process of its work the site turned into a meeting point for authors of different generations, professionals and enthusiasts. Unlike other places, here there is a two side link between the authors and the readers. The daily published 60 to 80 works get an average of over 150 comments and reviews.

The forums are a field for discussions over literature theory matters, publishing of presentations of Bulgarian and foreign classical authors, literature games.

Main areas / sections

Electronic Magazine - area for free publishing of literary works, writing reviews and comments.

Literary Studio virtual knowledge base on Literature theory, professional analyses of the works of authors from the magazine, advices on creative writing by literary critics for raising the quality of the art.

Bukvite Publishing House publishing center of Bukvite Publishing House. Small print publishing. Electronic and hard copy books.

Virtual Bookshop, for selling Bulgaria literature solely, allowing the presentation and selling of this literature without direct competition with the translation literature.

Bulgarian Literature Depository virtual book shelf presenting both classical Bulgarian books and literature and books of contemporary authors published in the latest years.

Other projects fulfilled by Bukvite Foundation.

In 2004, Bukvite foundation carried out a project with the financial support of the Swiss culture program.
End product of the project was a multimedia CD which gathered about 2000 of the best works published in Bukvite Site for New Bulgarian Literarute and Culture in the period 2001 2004. The publishing of a multimedia installation of this type was made for a first time in Bulgaria. It allowed vertical and horizontal sectioning, sorting and grouping of the works by author, genre, year of publishing and other criteria.
The publishing of Bukvite Anthology was followed by a big national tour. CD presentations were organized and carried out in eight cities around the country; authors publishing in the site were presented.
At the end of the same year, Bukvite Publishing House was founded, specializing in the publishing of Bulgarian literature. The wide audience that the site has allows the publishing, presentation, distribution and the successful selling of literature which would otherwise be hard to reach the booksellers shelves.
Expanding its activity and in response to the needs of the lovers of literature and arts, in 2005 Bukvite foundation started also a virtual bookshop Bukvite. Its aim is the advertising and distribution of Bulgarian books solely.
The synergy and interaction of all sections of the site, the big readers audience, the strong link between reader and author, the scheme of publishing, presentation and distribution of books builds the bases of further creative development of the authors, their professionalization and recognition.
In 2005 Bukvite foundation started another initiative Library of Recommended Books, the task of which is to publish the best of the authors in the net, to give the opportunity of their art to reach a wider audience, to give them the chance to be seen by the critics and the media.

"Library of Recommended Books" acts also as a creative fund. All the incomes from the sales of the books are being invested in publishing new books. We have chosen authors popular in the virtual society and authors that had proven their talent. The first two books were published in 2005. These were the novel Why by Andrea Iliev (Zashto, 2005, Bukvite) and the poetry book The Big Ones and the Small Ones by Konstatin Delov (Golemite I Malkite, 2005, Bukvite). And in 2006 the poetry book More to Come by Sabka Miteva (Mnogotochia, 2006, Bukvite) and the Anthology I Dreamt of a Human Face (Sanuvah choveshko litse, 2006, Bukvite), gathering the best of the contemporary Bulgarian fiction. Forecoming is the publishing of two books from Library of Recommended Books, which will be debut for their authors.